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The Kamov Ka-26 is a twin-engined light utility helicopter with coaxial rotors developed by the Soviet Design Bureau OKB Kamov (OKB-2), today Kamov JSC, Russia. The Ka-26 is small enough and handles well enough to land on a large truck bed. Capacity:6 passengers (cargo/passenger pod) 3. Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at GlobalPlaneSearch. The Ka26 (which has the NATO code name Hoodlum&39;) first flew in prototype form in 1965, but it did not enter service until 1970. The Kamov Ka-26 (NATO reporting name Hoodlum) is a Soviet light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors. Company history, position in the market today, notable events, crashes, and commonly asked questions answered. jpg 1,200 × 789; 892 KB.

Quite a few Ka-15s were operated by Aeroflot (among other things, as liaison and ice patrol. Aero hail "Mozhaisk" KA-26 RA. Available models: Ka-32, Ka-32A11BC, Ka-62, Ka-226,. .

citation needed This leaves the pilot with little power reservefor emergencies. * In the postwar period, the Soviet Union began to acquire military helicopters, with Red Army machines obtained from the OKB (experimental design bureau) led by Mikhail Mil, and Red Navy machines obtained from the OKB led by Nikolai Kamov. Compare prices on Kamov Ka-26, read specifications and descriptions and see Kamov Ka-26 images from our global listings.

Ka-126 Hoodlum-B. We answer questions and will provide many detailed photos, email kamov ka-26 manual us: net or net The items are "as they come" from the closed airplane sto. What does a Ka-26 carry? RAF Aircrew Manual and Operating Data Manual for the Gazelle (all versions, AH Mk 1, HT Mk 2, and HT Mk 3), AP 101C-0901 toand 16, 1st edition dated March 1974 with approx. Book 1 - airframe and engine installation, in Russian with soft cover. Kamov Ka-26 Development of the Russian light multipurpose helicopter, the Ka-26 (NATO designation: &39;Hoodlum&39;), began in 1962.

The unusually configured but useful Kamov Ka26 remains in widespread civil service in many former Soviet states. The fuselage of the Ka-26 consists of a fixed, bubble-shaped cockpit containing the pilot and co-pilot, plus a removable, variable box available in medevac, passenger-carrying and cropduster versions. Evolved from Ka-26 with engine pods removed from stub wings, fitted with one TVO-100 turboshaft engine positioned on top of fuselage, modified rotor blades, new fuel system. 2 prototypes and 15 series helicopter built.

One or two crew utility light helicopter, powered by two 325-hp (239-kW) VMK (Vedeneyer) M-14V-26 radial piston engine. That is why the company “Kamov” in the interests of numerous operators in 1990 began designing on the basis of Ka-26 and Ka-126 further twin-engine modifications Ka-226. Empty weight:1,950 kg (4,300 lb) 9. · Media in category "Kamov Ka-26" The following 86 files ka-26 are in this category, out of 86 total.

The helicopter can kamov ka-26 manual fly with or without the box attached, giving it much flexibility in use. In January 1954 the Soviet government issued a directive on the creation of the multi-purpose Ka-26 in two versions: the agricultural version capable of carryingkg of. 3D Model kamov Mapped and texturized model of the Kamov KA-26 Hoodlum.

Service ceiling:3,000 m (9,840 ft) 5. Who led kamov ka-15? Data fromJane&39;s All The World&39;s Aircraft. The higher performance version Ka-226T is powered by two Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 turboshaft engines.

Kamov (Russia) Ka-226. 1,100 kg (2,425 lb) (flying crane) 4. 00 m (42 ft 8 in) 6. The Kamov Ka-15, Ka-25, Ka-26, kamov ka-26 manual & Ka-27. All Kamov Models with Prices, Photo Gallery and Specifications. Max Take Off Weight: 6,750 Kg 14,881 lbs Max Landing Weight: Max Payload: 2,000 Kg 4,409 lbs Fuel Tank Capacity: 383 gallon 1,450 litre. It is, however, eminently useful for cropdusting. The Kamov Ka-26 (NATO reporting name Hoodlum; nicknamed Cheburashka) is a Soviet light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors.

1 Development 2 Design 3 Variants 4 Specifications (Ka-126) 5 See also 6 References 7 External links Development. The main roles are agricultural service, air ambulance, cargo and passenger transport and firefighting. Download this manual and access the complete library. The coaxial main rotor configuration, which makes the Ka-26 small and agile, also results in a delicate airflow pattern under the helicopter, providing a thorough yet mild distribution of chemicals onto the plants. Kamov Ka-15 The two-seat Ka-15 was the first Kamov helicopter to see production in quantity.

KaTodo 5265 Todo 5266 Todo 5267 Todo 5268 Todo 5269 Todo. Kamov KA-26 Hoodlum Flight Manual (Russian) 568 pages The Kamov Ka-26 (NATO reporting name Hoodlum) is a Soviet light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors. These are either ORIGINAL or COPIES of manuals and blueprints used when these aircraft were in active duty, now transferred into electronic format. Videó: Urbán Gergő KAMOV Ka-26 Helicopter Maintenance Airframe Mass and Power Installation Manual - Part 1 - ( Russian Language ) - Disclaimer: This item is sold for historical and reference Only. It is a low polygon count model but highly accurate properly scaled to the real world dimensions so it is perfect for games or for realtime 3D engine presentations and showcases. Power/mass:150 W/kg (0. Endurance:3 hr 42 min 4.

NOTAR technology testbed for the Ka-118fitted with tail jet beams. Az év első motorindítása. The Ka-26 can be operated with or without the interchangeable mission pod (cabin). The Kamov KA-26 is a light utility co-axial rotor helicopter which first flew in 1966. Book Manual Repair Helicopter Ka-26 Soviet USSR. citation needed The main weakness of the Ka-26 is its engine. 6 cm Instruction Manual and Decals Sprues Variations Amodel 1/72 7281 Ka-26 cargo-carrying version Kamov Ka-26 Manufacturer Amodel Scale 1/72 Medium injection-molded styrene Product number 7240 Release date Front Right Left.

Ka-26s used in this role in Russian coastal areas are each fitted with three large inflatable pontoons,. However since then approximately 850 have been built for mainly civil service. It has two radial piston engines in external pods and features removable fuselage pods to facilitate rapid changes between roles.

KAMOV Ka-26 Helicopter Technical ManualRussian Language ) Disclaimer: This item is sold for historical and reference Only. JamesEdition is the world&39;s smartest online marketplace for new and used premium helicopters. The Kamov Ka-26 is a very special construction with the coaxial rotor system and the two radial engines. This 1970 Kamov Ka-26 aircraft for in Hungary is 1 of 0 similar aircraft currently available on GlobalPlaneSearch. Cheburashka is the Russian for The Topple. Because we are the General brocker of the aviation manufacturer.

The Ka-26 was used by some WARPAC armies in the light desant or airborne role, but its slow (150 km/h) cruise speed compared with the Mil-2 (220 km/h) limits its military use but its shorter length (7,75m) compared with the Mil Mi-2 (11,9m) was an advantage when operating in an urban area, also a smaller rotor (13m) than the Mil-2 (14,6m) is an advantage, it has a longer range than the Mil-2 as well. The Kamov Ka-15, Ka-25, Ka-26, & Ka-27 v1. .

The chopper looks very strange and sluggish, but that. No other helicopter exists in the world that runs at constant 95% engine power for most of its flight regime. The helicopter is designed to solve the same problems as his predecessors.

Őket a Honvédség flottája követte, ahol 1971 -ben állították hadrendbe a Ka-26 gépeket futárhelikopter kategóriában. The Kamov Ka-126 (NATO reporting name Hoodlum) is a Soviet light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors. KAMOV Ka-26 Helicopter Flight Manual - English Language KMOV Ka-26 Helicopter Flight Manual (English Language)- 1973 Disclaimer: This item is sold for historical and reference Only.

Kamov KA-26 "Hoodlum" (N4106H, s/n 7505101, 1976) circa 1995 at the Hawthorne Air Faire, Hawthorne, California (35mm photos. See full list on military. 75 m (25 ft 5 in) 5. Performance Ka-26 - Max level speed 170km/h (90kt), max cruising speed 150km/h (80kt), economical cruising speed 90 to 110km/h (60 to 70kt), typical agwork operating speeds 30 to 115km/h (15 to 62kt).

A winch, with a capacity of up to 150kg, enables it to be used for search and rescue duties. Powerplant: 2 × Vedeneyev M-14 V-26radial piston engines, 239 kW (320 hp) each Performance 1. KAMOV Ka-26 Helicopter Technical Manual - ( Russian Language ) - .

Due to frequent overload. Service Letters and Service Bulletins As published by Kamov Company and. Range:400 km (215 nmi, 248 mi)(7 passengers, 30 min reserves) 3. 0 Kamov Ka-26 Helicopters for Sale Worldwide. The Ka-26 entered production in 1969. Our search technology instantly finds Kamov Ka-26 for sale from our database of thousands of luxury and exotic helicopters. This aircraft is listed for ,200, the average historical price for aircraft like this is ,652. As an air ambulance, the Ka-26 can carry two stretcher patients, two seated casualties and a medical attendant.

816 have been built. Short run injection kit Contentsshow Box Box size: 25. What is a Ka-26 helicopter? KAMOV Ka-26 Helicopter Technology instructions for carrying out. The Ka-26 is kamov ka-26 manual often used to spray grape farms in Hungary, where conventional "main rotor and tail rotor" layout helicopters would damage or up-root the vine-stocks with their powerful airflow. The reciprocating engines, although more responsive than modern turboshafts, are relatively maintenance intensive.

Search aircraft for sale for free! PowerplantsKa-26 - Two 240kW (325hp) Vedeneyev M14V26 radial piston engines driving two counter rotating main rotors. About Kamov Ka-26. It is powered by two 325 hp (239 kW) Vedeneyev M-14V-26 radial engines mounted in off-board nacelles.

One or two crew utility light helicopter, powered by one 720-shp (537-kW) OMKB "Mars" (Glushenkov) TVD-100 turboshaft engine. 3 / / greg goebel * In the postwar period, the Soviet Union began to acquire military helicopters, with Red Army machines obtained from the OKB (experimental design bureau) led by Mikhail Mil, and Red Navy machines obtained from the OKB led by Nikolai Kamov. Manufacturer’s Flight Manual for the SA341G Gazelle, dated December 1974 with approx.

Structural Repair Manual N/A 4. Disc loading:12 kg/m² (2. You will receive offer with the price, excluding any extra payment. In 19 the Ka-26 established five world records.

takeoff weight:3,250 kg (7,170 lb) 10. Kuznetsov "OKB Kamov - 50 years", 1999. Kamov Ka-26 helikopter A Kamov Ka-26 típusú helikopterek magyarországi pályafutása 1970 -ben kezdődött, amikor az első gépek megjelentek a mezőgazdaságban. The panels modeled authentically according to real flight manuals with some gauge mockups.

citation needed Hungarian Kamov operators claim that coaxial rotors of the Ka-26 creates an airflow which allows pesticides to settle u.

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